Orders of the Day

18TH ASSEMBLY                  DAY 44                    2ND SESSION


                                 YELLOWKNIFE, N.W.T.

                            TUESDAY, JANUARY 31, 2017

                                           1:30 PM


1.           Prayer

2.           Ministers’ Statements

3.           Members’ Statements

4.           Returns to Oral Questions

5.           Recognition of Visitors in the Gallery

6.           Acknowledgements

7.           Oral Questions

8.           Written Questions

9.           Returns to Written Questions

10.        Replies to Commissioner’s Opening Address

11.        Petitions

12.        Reports of Standing and Special Committees

13.        Reports of Committees on the Review of Bills

14.        Tabling of Documents

15.        Notices of Motion

16.        Notices of Motion for First Reading of Bills

17.        Motions

18.        First Reading of Bills

19.        Second Reading of Bills

20.        Consideration in Committee of the Whole of Bills and Other

21.        Report of Committee of the Whole

22.        Third Reading of Bills

23.        Orders of the Day


Status of Returns to Written Questions    Member    Ministry    Date

WQ 12-18(2)  Status of Vacancies on     O’Reilly    DAAIR    Jan 2, 2017
                  Co-Management Boards
WQ 13-18(2)  Filling Vacancies on         O’Reilly    DAAIR    Jan 2, 2017
                 Co-Management Boards
WQ 14-18(2)  Commissioner’s Land      O’Reilly     Lands    Jan 2, 2017
                     Act Security Deposits

Bills Before Standing Committee

Bill 7:     An Act to Amend the Revolving Funds Act

Bill 13:    Marriage Act