The Sergeant-at-Arms is appointed by the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly and is responsible to the Speaker for the following:

  • Security of the Members of the Legislative Assembly and the legislative building and grounds
  • Administration of the Page Program including the selection, scheduling and supervision of Pages
  • Security and safekeeping of the Mace and the furniture and fittings of the Chamber at all times
  • Leading the Speaker’s Procession into and out of the Chamber at the opening and closing of each sitting day

Speaker's Procession

During the Speaker's Procession that begins each day of Session, the Sergeant-at-Arms leads the Speaker, Clerk, Deputy Clerk, Principal Clerk, and two Pages into the Chamber of the Legislative Assembly.

The Mace is carried in on the shoulder of the Sergeant-at-Arms and then placed on a special stand located in front of the Clerk's Table, where it remains throughout the sitting as a symbol of the Assembly's authority. When in the Chamber, the Sergeant-at-Arms sits at  opposite the Speaker.


Opening of the First Session of the 18th Legislative Assembly