News August 27, 2009

MLAs Conclude Successful Caucus Retreat

(Fort Smith, NT) August 27, 2009 – Members of the 16th Legislative Assembly have concluded a two-day Caucus retreat in Fort Smith focused on further strengthening the effectiveness of consensus government. 

In April of this year, Caucus agreed to a set of ten guiding principles that define what it means to govern in a consensus-based system. The focus of the meetings in Fort Smith was to expand upon these principles by agreeing to a series of specific protocols to guide in their implementation. Protocols addressing the following matters were agreed to: 

• The Role of the Caucus in Consensus Government 
• Standing Committee Review of Legislation 
• Standing Committee Review of Policy Initiatives and Implementation Plans 

It was agreed that the planning and prioritization of standing committee briefings and decision making on important initiatives during the critical transition period from one Assembly to the next would form the focus of the next set of protocols. 

“These protocols add operational substance to the high level principles that the Caucus agreed to in April,” said Caucus Chair Wendy Bisaro. “The May/June legislative sitting demonstrated that the Members of the 16th Legislative Assembly are committed to making consensus government work. These protocols add substantial clarity to the way members communicate and cooperate with one another in our unique system. They demonstrate that consensus government is able to evolve and adapt to new challenges.” 

The Caucus also discussed progress in implementing the vision and goals of the 16th Legislative Assembly. 

For more information, please contact: 

Wendy Bisaro 
Caucus Chair 
(867) 669-2274 
Toll Free: 1-800-661-0784