News December 7, 2007

Caucus Identifies Priorities for the 16th Legislative Assembly

YELLOWKNIFE (December 7, 2007) – The Caucus of the 16th Legislative Assembly concluded a significant phase of its strategic planning exercise today by reaching agreement on its vision, goals, and priorities for action under the theme ofNortherners Working Together. 

Caucus Chair Wendy Bisaro says, “The central priorities identified today will guide the Government of the Northwest Territories over the next four years as it drafts its annual budgets and the four-year business plan. Moreover, it will be the standard by which the activities of the government and the Legislative Assembly are measured over the next four years.”

Ms. Bisaro adds, “Northerners can view this as a statement of commitment that includes the common priorities we heard from our constituents. The 19-Member Caucus is now directing the Government of the Northwest Territories to identify specific actions to advance these goals and priority areas.”

Caucus Deputy Chair Jackie Jacobson says, “Members believe it is essential to share this document with Northerners because it’s the foundation for achieving accountability and transparency. People can use this statement as a checklist to track the efficiency and effectiveness of the government and the Members as we move forward.”

The next step in the strategic planning process begins immediately. The government will use the vision, goals, and priorities document to produce a detailed strategic plan, a four-year business plan, as well as the first and subsequent budgets for the Government of the Northwest Territories. 

The Legislative Assembly’s Standing Committees anticipate reviewing the first draft of the strategic plan in January and the first draft of the business plan beginning in March 2008. 

Ms. Bisaro adds, “The 16th Assembly is committed to making every minute of our mandate count. While previous Assemblies began their strategic planning exercise after the release of the first budget, our approach is different in that we are committed to having a business plan in place before the budget for 2008/2009 is introduced.” 

The vision, goals, and priorities document is available on the Legislative Assembly’s Internet website at 

For further information, contact:

Wendy Bisaro, Caucus Chair
MLA Frame Lake
P: 867-669-2274
F: 867-873-0276

Jackie Jacobson, Deputy Chair
MLA Nunakput
P: 867-669-2276
F: 867-873-0276