News June 3, 2009

Legislative Assembly Board of Management Appoints Sole Adjudicator

(YELLOWKNIFE) June 3, 2009 - The Legislative Assembly Board of Management has recommended the appointment of Mr. Ted Hughes, Q.C. as Sole Adjudicator for an inquiry into a complaint filed by six Members of the NWT Legislative Assembly regarding an alleged breach of section 75 of the Legislative Assembly and Executive Council Act by the Hon. Floyd Roland, MLA Inuvik Boot Lake. 

On May 25, 2009, following an investigation of the complaint, the NWT Conflict of Interest Commissioner, Mr. Gerald Gerrand, Q.C., directed that the matter proceed to an inquiry before a Sole Adjudicator. The Board of Management’s appointment of Mr. Hughes as Sole Adjudicator is made pursuant to section 103 of the Legislative Assembly and Executive Council Act. Mr. Hughes was appointed from a list of four potential adjudicators previously approved by the Legislative Assembly. An eligible Sole Adjudicator must be a judge or retired judge or a person who currently or previously served in a position equivalent to that of Conflict of Interest Commissioner in a province or territory. Mr. Hughes is a former Conflict of Interest Commissioner for the Northwest Territories, the Yukon and the Province of British Columbia. He has served as a judge of the Saskatchewan District and Surrogate Courts and the Saskatchewan Court of Queen’s Bench as well as Deputy Attorney General for British Columbia. Mr. Hughes is well known for his role as Chair of the highly publicized inquiry into the conduct of the RCMP during the APEC leaders’ summit in 1997 and for his role as Chief Adjudicator for the Indian Residential Schools Adjudication Process. 

After conducting an inquiry, a Sole Adjudicator is required to submit a report, with reasons, to the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly. The report must either dismiss the complaint or find that the Member complained of is guilty of a contravention of the conflict of interest provisions of the Legislative Assembly and Executive Council Act. In the latter case, the Sole Adjudicator must recommend that one or more punishments specified in the Act be imposed by the Legislative Assembly. On receipt of the Sole Adjudicator’s report, the Legislative Assembly must consider it and either impose the recommended punishment or reject it. 

In conducting the inquiry, the Sole Adjudicator has the powers of a Board under the Public Inquiries Act. The Sole Adjudicator has the authority to determine whether any hearing in an inquiry shall be conducted in public or in private. 

The appointment of the Sole Adjudicator must be formally ratified by the Commissioner of the Northwest Territories. 
For more information, please contact: 

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