News November 26, 2007

MLAs conclude week long strategic planning session

(Yellowknife) November 26, 2007 – Members of the Legislative Assembly are working towards establishing a strategic plan for the 16th Assembly. The 19-member Caucus dedicated four days to a priority-setting exercise that will result in a strategic plan to guide the Government of the Northwest Territories over the next four years. 

Caucus Chair Wendy Bisaro says, “The Members are committed to starting the 16th Assembly with a clear statement articulating and reflecting issues common to Northerners. Once complete, the vision, goals and objectives will become the benchmark by which the activities of this Assembly are coordinated and measured over the next four years.” 

The collaborative planning approach used by the Legislative Assembly of the Northwest Territories is unique to consensus government. All elected Members participate in setting goals and priorities for the next four years as opposed to only those Members who occupy positions in cabinet. Once agreed upon, the vision, goals and objectives will guide the creation of a detailed strategic plan and the drafting of the first and subsequent budgets for the 16th Assembly. 

“In past Assemblies the strategic plan was not completed until after the first budget was in place,” noted Ms. Bisaro. “This Assembly is committed to completing its strategic plan prior to introduction of the 2008/2009 budget. We only have four years to get our work done and we can’t afford to loose one of those years to planning.” 

The Caucus has agreed to release its vision, goals and priorities to the public by mid-December. This document will then be used to craft a detailed strategic plan for the Government as a whole and guide the development of its first budget and the completion of a four-year business plan. 

For more information, contact: 

Wendy Bisaro, Caucus Chair 
MLA Frame Lake 
Legislative Assembly of the NWT 
P: 867-669-2274 
F: 867-873-0276 

Tim Mercer, Clerk
Legislative Assembly of the NWT
P:  867-669-2299
F:  867-920-4735