News October 23, 2007

Member's Revise Standing Committee Structure

(Yellowknife) October 23, 2007 – Members of the 16th Legislative Assembly began their new term in office by restructuring the Standing Committee configuration and immediately appointing the Committee Chairs-elect. A motion to adopt a new five-committee structure, a change from the previous four-committees, passed through the House on Friday, October 19, 2007. The motion is based upon a recommendation from the Regular Members of the 15th Legislative Assembly. 

The Member for Hay River South, Jane Groenewegen, was elected by her peers to Chair the Standing Committee on Priorities and Planning (SCOPP), which replaces the Standing Committee on Accountability and Oversight. The new committee is comprised of the eleven Regular Members and the Member for Tu Nedhe, Tom Beaulieu, will serve as its Deputy Chair. 

The Member for Kam Lake, David Ramsay, will Chair the five-Member Standing Committee on Economic Development and Infrastructure, which replaces the Standing Committee on Governance and Economic Development 

The Member for Nahendeh, Kevin Menicoche, will Chair the new five-Member Standing Committee on Government Operations. The Member for Inuvik Twin Lakes, Robert C. McLeod, will Chair the five-Member Standing Committee on Social Programs. The Member for Yellowknife Centre, Robert Hawkins will Chair the Standing Committee on Rules and Procedures, which is comprised of four Regular Members and one Member of the Executive Council. 

A motion to ratify the committee appointments will be introduced during the November sitting of the Legislative Assembly. 

Committee Chairs are responsible for maintaining order in committee proceedings and ensuring that any rules established by the committee are respected. Committee Chairs often assume a leadership role in planning and coordinating the committee’s work and in conducting it’s investigations. Standing (or permanent) Committees carry out much of the detailed work of the Legislative Assembly. They perform a key role in the Consensus Government system as they ensure government accountability is maintained and that a balanced approach is applied to the decision-making process by giving Members, other than the Premier and Executive Council, an opportunity to review and report on the Government’s work, for example, departmental business plans, budgets and Bills. 

For more information contact: 

Jane Groenewegen, Chair
Standing Committee on Priorities and Planning 
Legislative Assembly of the NWT 
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F: 867-873-0276 

Doug Schauerte, Deputy Clerk 
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