News October 29, 2010

Legislative Assembly Unveils Wood Pellet Boiler

YELLOWKNIFE (October 29, 2010) – The Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, the Honourable Paul Delorey, has announced that the Legislative Assembly’s wood pellet boiler is now fully functional.

The wood pellet boiler was installed at the Legislative Assembly in June by a Yellowknife company called Arctic Green Energy. Arctic Green Energy has installed a number of wood pellet boilers within Yellowknife.

“In the past few years, the Legislative Assembly has been working on some green initiatives. We’ve dropped the pop, we’ve reduced the amount of paper consumed by the Assembly, we use low voltage lighting in the legislature and we’ve purchased a hybrid vehicle. Now we’re working on reducing our fuel consumption and our carbon footprint,” says Speaker Delorey.

The wood pellet boiler system will offset 90% of the annual fuel consumption in the Legislative Assembly building and will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 240 tonnes per year. It will also be able to handle 50% of the building’s maximum winter heating load.

For further information on the wood pellet boiler, please contact:

Paul Delorey, Speaker
Legislative Assembly of the NWT
Phone: 867-669-2234 or toll-free: 1-800-661-0784

Brian Thagard, Sergeant-at-Arms
Legislative Assembly of the NWT
Phone: 867-669-2228