Members' Accountability

Legislative Assembly of the Northwest Territories Members' Conduct Guidelines

As a Member elected to the Legislative Assembly of the Northwest Territories, I acknowledge that I have accepted a responsibility to serve the people of the Northwest Territories. I seek wisdom, strength, courage, honesty, and caring from the people of the North, both from those who have built our past and from those who are shaping our future. As a legislator elected to govern the Northwest Territories, I will serve to do my utmost to:

Hear the voices of all our people;

Preserve our traditions and bridge them with new ways to build our future;

Provide legislation, policies, and services for the good of the people as individuals, families, and communities;

Promote the equality of all our people;

Distribute resources fairly and justly; and

Respect and honour our land and all its inhabitants.

 As a legislator, I will do my best to fulfill my duties to the legislature, the public, my constituents, and my colleagues with integrity and honour.

To the legislature, I owe respect as well as dedication to my role in ensuring the integrity of our government and in earning, through my actions, the confidence of the people.

To the public, I owe a responsibility to work for the well-being of all residents of the Northwest Territories.

To my constituents, I owe my best efforts at effective representation as well as accountability, honesty, fairness, and courtesy.

To my colleagues, I owe fairness and respect for our differences and the duty to work together with goodwill for the common good.

I acknowledge human vulnerabilities and will strive to bring honour to my role as a representative of our people.

I will perform the duties of my office with integrity, objectivity and impartiality and I will arrange my private matters so as to maintain the trust and confidence of the public.

I will respect and abide by the laws of Canada and the Northwest Territories and I will not act in ways which violate these laws.

I will not act, nor condone others to act in ways which are dishonest, or which exploit, slander, or discriminate against others.

As a legislator, I acknowledge a vision and a responsibility to improve the life of our people and I will strive to act in creative ways to overcome the hardships which destroy life and hope, and the human frailties which fall upon us.

So long as I am a Member of the Legislative Assembly, I will be true to these obligations, and will work to preserve the greatness of our land and our people.


All Members of the 18th Legislative Assembly of the Northwest Territories signed copies of the Members' Conduct Guidelines before the Clerk of the Legislative Assembly. These signed copies are available below.

Glen Abernethy, MLA Great Slave
Tom Beaulieu, MLA Tu Nedhe - Wiilideh
Frederick Blake Jr., MLA Mackenzie Delta
Caroline Cochrane, MLA Range Lake
Julie Green, MLA Yellowknife Centre
Jackson Lafferty, MLA Monfwi
Daniel Mark McNeely, MLA Sahtu
Robert C. McLeod, MLA Inuvik Twin Lakes
Robert R. McLeod, MLA Yellowknife South
Alfred Moses, MLA Inuvik Boot Lake
Michael M. Nadli, MLA Deh Cho
Herbert Nakimayak, MLA Nanukput
Kevin O'Reilly, MLA Frame Lake
Wally Schumann, Hay River South
Louis Sebert, MLA Thebacha
R.J. Simpson, MLA Hay River North
Kieron Testart, MLA Kam Lake
Shane Thompson, MLA Nahendeh
Cory Vanthuyne, MLA Yellowknife North